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LIFT AIR gives you the ultimate business advantage–being at the right place at the right time. Imagine the advantage of meeting that potential client face to face while your competition is stuck in traffic, waiting at baggage claim or trying to get that video conference call working properly.

Plus, our fares are significantly lower than private jet charters, saving your company money.

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A better way to travel. Valet park for free at our Sarasota airport and enjoy a pleasant flight in one of our new, state-of-the-art planes featuring luxurious seating and full SiriusXM radio.

Our experienced, friendly pilots and LIFT AIR travel specialist will meet your every need from departure to arrival, providing you with a true first-class travel experience that can rival the cost of a first class commercial ticket.

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LIFT AIR private air taxi service is a new, better way to fly. Our highly experienced pilots fly you directly to any Florida destination in one of our first-class CIRRUS airplanes – on your schedule.

Less expensive than typical private jet charters, LIFT AIR saves you money and, most important, saves you precious time.

LIFT AIR Taxi Service - The Next Generation of Travel

Leave the stress and inconvenience of flying commercial behind and let a top-notch pilot chauffeur you to your destination, and back.

Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent waiting in lines, sitting in traffic, or missing that Little League game.

Typical air charter services within Florida are thought of as private jets with prices that are out of reach for most budgets. Now, there’s a better way. With LIFT AIR our fleet of new Cirrus airplanes are more cost-effective than jets and allow us to offer you personalized air taxi service at a fraction of the cost.

Whether it’s getting home from that business trip to Tallahassee sooner to spend time with the family, or not having to leave the house at 5am for that 10am meeting in Orlando, or maybe just taking your better-half out to dinner in Key West, LIFT AIR gives you the luxury of more time.

At LIFT AIR we are dedicated to providing a better way to fly.

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LIFT AIR air taxi services feature:

  • Depart and Arrive on your schedule
  • Service to any and from any airport in Florida
  • A fleet of new, best-in-class CIRRUS SR22 and SR20 airplanes
  • Significant savings compared to private jet charters
  • Free parking at our main office at Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport
  • Comfortable seats and SiriusXM Satellite Radio

LIFT AIR brings affordable air charter and air taxi service to Sarasota, FL

We fly anywhere within the state of Florida, with new destinations outside of Florida coming soon. Our headquarters are in the Rectrix building at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ). Easy to get to and ample, free parking, come by for a visit or give us a call. We look forward to providing you with great service.
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STEP 1: Flight Details

Florida cities only at this time.
within Florida
Preferred arrival.

STEP 2: Contact Information


At LIFT AIR we fly CIRRUS aircraft, one of the most advanced and safest airplanes you can buy. Our fleet is made up of new SR20 and SR22 models. We’re also a CIRRUS authorized dealer and we’ve trained hundreds of people to fly using the CIRRUS aircraft.

Cirrus pioneered the CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) technology to give pilots and passengers one more option in the event of a serious in-flight emergency. When activated, the life-saving CAPS™ system launches a 55-foot diameter parachute that lowers the airplane to the ground while suspended securely beneath the parachute. The security and peace-of-mind provided by CAPS™ is unequalled, and comes standard with all CIRRUS aircraft.

Travel relaxed in an atmosphere of luxurious ergonomic seating. Cirrus airplanes provide the widest and quietest cabins in its class. Hear channels live coast to coast by satellite, controlled with a personal remote for your aircraft.

LIFT AIR pilots are highly experienced and qualified for commercial service. They are regularly tested to FAA standards and regulations for air carrier operations.

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