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You’re one of a select few.

You’re one of the few people on this planet that can command an airplane and enjoy the uniquely spectacular sights and experiences that come with it.

The sense of personal accomplishment of flying an airplane is without description. And when you fly a Cirrus you are at the controls of an aircraft designed to maximize the flying experience by reducing pilot workload, increasing comfort and building confidence.

In a Cirrus, pilot, plane and environment are perfectly Integrated in harmony to both simplify and maximize the pleasure of the journey.

The Cirrus life. It’s about a flying experience that makes one of the coolest things on earth …even cooler.



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A buying experience engineered for hassle-free convenience.

At Cirrus we’ve created a plane that is a joy to fly. We’ve also made a buying experience that makes it a joy to buy. At a glance there are a lot of complex issues to address: financing, insurance, tax implications, maintenance and training. Not only have we reinvented the personal aircraft, we’ve reinvented the buying and ownership experience. Low, competitive rates and service offerings of Cirrus Finance and Cirrus Insurance are just the beginning. Our worldwide network of Sales Directors, Service Centers and Training Partners set the standard in making the process of ownership a part of the joy of ownership.

The Cirrus Approach

cirrus-aviation-pilot-training-sarasota Over the past years, Cirrus has been acknowledged as the major innovator in general aviation aircraft. Nowhere is this more true than in cockpit and avionics design. Cirrus has a long list of avionics firsts. Sometimes others talk about it first, but Cirrus is usually first in delivering innovation to our customers:

  • First use of Garmin GNS 430
  • Dual Garmin GPS on all aircraft
  • Large screen MFD (multi-function display)
  • PFD (Primary Flight Display) introduction
  • PFD as standard equipment
  • Weather in the cockpit: XM
  • Terrain awareness available on all aircraft
  • Large 12-inch displays
  • “Blue-button” Spatial Disorientation assistance
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Enhanced (infra-red) Vision
  • EVS: Passive flight protection
  • Auto-descent for hypoxic pilots
  • Worldwide phone, messaging and data communications (including weather)

More than a company. It’s a community.

Flight Training Cirrus Real World Scenario Training Sarasota FLIn the course of challenging an entire industry to redefine the very concept of innovation, Cirrus Aircraft has created a community of fans that makes Cirrus ownership a truly unique experience.

Flying is in our blood. And because of that, we take every possible opportunity to share our passion with owners, pilots and fans at Cirrus Fly-ins and aviation events such as EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Here, you’ll see the full spectrum of people who share the joy of flying in the most sophisticated single-engine piston airplane ever –from aspiring fans to Red Bull Air Racer and Cirrus owner, Mike Goulian.

In addition, the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is a dynamic group of Cirrus owners and operators, and a priceless resource for sharing information on flying safety and travel enjoyment.

The Cirrus Life Personified


Comfort, safety and utility combine for a lifestyle of profound richness.

“Aviation was my passion from my earliest memories. ! have always loved planes and flying. But even more so, ! love what flying lets my family and me do together. Whether it’s the time saved on business trips or creating great memories on a quick weekend ski trip to Colorado, these are the things I value the most about this amazing product we build. It’s the access to a very special lifestyle that ! think defines the real benefits of owning a Cirrus.

Our dream is to see everyone who has the dream of flight in that left seat, making a Cirrus a part of their life. That’s The Cirrus Life, and we hope to make it part of your life.”

Innovation at Jet Speed.

Cirrus Vision jet sales and charter
lt goes faster: 300 KTAS cruising speed. lt goes farther: up to 1,000 nm. !t carries more payload: up to five adults and two smaller passengers. Simply, the Vision SF50 delivers. But the remarkable achievement is that you can have this level of jet performance in a true personal aircraft that doesn’t require an entire flight operations department to fly and maintain it.

And of course with the Vision SF50, you’ll find all the details that have come to expect from Cirrus: luxurious interiors that wrap you in comfort, the state-of-the-art, next-generation Perspective by Garmin avionics and the most innovative safety feature since the seatbelt: CAPS.

A dream years in the making, the Vision SF50 will soon be flying Cirrus owners at jet speed in sophisticated style and unparalleled safety. The Cirrus Life. It’s where vision becomes reality.

Introducing the Personal Jet Revolution

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If not Cirrus, who else could make this happen?

The legacy of Cirrus is innovation and so is the future. Having reimagined and reinvented the single engine aircraft in terms of performance, style, comfort and safety, the next step was clear. The result is the Vision SF50. It’s an aircraft poised to create a whole new category of transportation – The Personal Jet.

Faster than a piston but simple to fly. It’s easy to operate and own. And of course, with the unique Cirrus innovation of CAPS, it wi!I set a new standard in jet aircraft safety.

The Vision SF50 fills the void between high performance pistons and the Very Light Jet. !t makes jet performance accessible to pilots and aircraft owners who, up until now, could only dream. But that dream is soon to be realized.

The Cirrus life. It’s where you’ll always find what’s next in general aviation.

Choices. Another aspect of The Cirrus Life.

Today, three Cirrus options are available that deliver proven performance, safety and comfort and fit any

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The plane that created a legend. The innovations that transformed the industry are all here in the SR20. Side yoke controls. The state-of-the-art flight deck. An interiorThe Generation

worthy of luxury sports cars. And of course, the parachute. For business, personal use and flight training it has the soul of a workhorse, but even so, on the tarmac, the SR20 is all show horse.

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The best-selling airplane in its class, the SR22 represents the clearest manifestation of The Cirrus Life.
The generation 5 SR22 offers 200 lbs. more usable load, giving Cirrus owners a whole new level of capabi!ity. It combines the flight deck innovations that make the piloting experience a unique pleasure, with the performance, safety and luxury appointments that have had the rest of the industry playing catch-up since its launch. !t is a choice without compromise.



Luxury and sophistication meets speed. The iconic performance and capabilities of the SR22 come together in a turbocharged power plant that flies nimbly at speeds approaching 250 miles per hour. !t’s the flagship of the most desirable line of airplanes on the market today. What more can be said?

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